A place to exchange thoughts and ideas evoked by literary works. Also tips and tricks for writing high quality essays with MLA formatting.
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 Joseph Hamilton

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At the end of page 41 and beginning of page 42, Joe is introduced as Samuel and Liza's 4th son. He was described as physically and possibly mentally lazy, so it was easier for the family to do his work than to make Joseph do it himself. Joe was also adored by the entirety of his family, but especially his mother. Joseph also managed to lose sixty sheep he was supposed to be herding. I noticed some parallels to the story of Joseph from the Bible, also from Genesis. In the part from Genesis (Genesis 37), Joseph is one of the youngest brothers and also his parents’ favorite. Joseph was also responsible for herding sheep, but he also has these dreams. Joe Hamilton is said to daydream out his life. And this is a stretch, but Joseph from Genesis was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers farao , and Joe Hamilton is supposed to be sent off to college because he’s not good at anything. So that’s what I think about Joe Hamilton.
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Joseph Hamilton
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