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 Adam and Cyrus Tree Stump Conversation

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Adam and Cyrus Tree Stump Conversation  Empty
PostSubject: Adam and Cyrus Tree Stump Conversation    Adam and Cyrus Tree Stump Conversation  EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 4:22 am

In the middle of chapter 3, as Cryus and Adam are walking back to the house after a long conversation, Adam decides to tell Cyrus that he would frequently use a large tree stump as a hiding place when he needed peace and quiet. Cyrus then explains to Adam that you can only push a man so far, and he must have at least one final fallback position. Im not exactly sure why this was inserted into the chapter, as it was very abrupt and random. Why do you think it was put there? For Cyrus to gain more of his son's trust? To show us that Adam wasnt afraid to share anything with his father? What do you think? Question
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Adam and Cyrus Tree Stump Conversation
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